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Automation is ready

Electricity supplies work

Electrical energy is supplied from the grid. The automation is ready and waiting for a possible outage.

If the supply of electricity from the grid is working, the generator is ready and monitors the supply from the network. If the automation is intelligent, there is an option to set prophylactic starts in addition to control in Czech. This means that there are test starts at a set time period, due to the engine test. The power plant has an air-cooled gasoline engine that needs to be started occasionally to be fully functional in the event of a power outage. During the prophylactic start, there is no need to set the disconnection of the house, but if there is a power outage at this moment, the automation switches to the mode from the central control and starts supplying electricity to the building.

If the automation is equipped with a GSM modem with a phone card, it is possible to start the power plant with a command from the phone.

Automation supplies electrical energy

Failure of electricity supply

There was a power outage. At the command of the automation, the power generator started and supplies energy to the building.

If there is a power outage, the automation starts the generator, checks whether the power supply from the generator is stable and switches the generator to the backed-up facility. The electricity is connected in such a way that the supplies do not go back to the network, but only to the building where the electricity from the generator is supplied. If supplies are restored again, it is possible to automatically set the time at which it should switch back to supplies from the distribution network. The generator continues to run for a specified period of time and is able to immediately supply electricity again. After a specified period of time from the restart of electricity supply from the network, the power plant will be switched off.

If the power plant contains a tank with fuel monitoring, the automation system can signal a drop in the fuel level by light or sound. If the automation is equipped with a modem and a phone card, it is then possible to send this information to up to 5 phone numbers.