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Power Generators

Distribution of power generators

The basic division of our MEDVED power plants is 1-phase (ARCTOS) and 3-phase (GRIZZLI). We further divide them according to gasoline, gas (SIMUS) or cardan (M-WATT) drive. A special power plant is a power plant (WELDVED) complete with a welding source for the MMA method.

Generators with an electric start can be fitted with automatics that can start the generator if necessary.

AT207 is an intelligent, adjustable automation that can start and shut down the power generator in the event of a power failure from the distribution network. It is possible to specify whether it should start even at night. It can perform prophylactic losses on set days and times. If equipped with a modem with a phone card and a tank with electronic fuel monitoring, send a message not only about starting and shutting down, but also about lack of fuel.

iGen is a higher version of the AT207 autostart. Using Android, it can monitor movement against automation, connect to your WiFi network and send a message.

PDM serves as an automatic start especially for island systems, e.g. solar panels or when monitoring the water level or pressure in wells.


Arctos 1 phase

These are 1-phase gasoline power generators


Grizzly 3 phases

These are 3-phases gasoline power plants