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COMAP automation

COMAP automatic start controllers

We have started cooperation with a global manufacturer of automatic start controllers, the Czech company COMAP. Our latest version of automatic start controller allows automatic start of power generator in case of grid black out and contain a phone app and web interface.

The controller display menu including error messages and other descriptions is originally in the Czech language. Other available languages are English, German, Italian and Spanish. It minimally allows using across of European countries. Automatic start in case of power failure is a matter of course. The advantage is the possibility of connecting to the Ethernet by cable or fitting a GSM module with a phone card.

MEDVED automatic start power units have the advantage of automatic startup and providing of independent energy supply in case of black out. They are equipped with an automatic electric start and with mechanical contactors, which change the supply from the grid to the independent supply from power generator within a few seconds. The system also includes regular start test to verify and ensure its readiness for run. The power generator is constantly monitored by the appropriate InteliLite automatic start unit, which evaluates the situation and starts and connects the power generator in a few seconds, if a blackout is detected. This start unit provides important continuous information, such as network voltage, current, and battery status. A significant advantage of the new generation control units is connection of optional GSM module or standard Ethernet interface. Then the backup power can be operated and critical information can be monitored virtually from anywhere via a smartphone or web interface.

Before your purchase, you need to evaluate your needs and what do you expect from the power generator system? Whether you need to use a single-phase power generator (230 V) or three-phase power generator (400 V).

Our newest automatic start unit includes all features as had the AT 207 automatic and many other improvements and new functions.

Set up and using of the automatics is described on presentation video

Manual in CZECH for COMAP automatics.

Websupervisor – web interface designed for control and online information about COMAP automatic in Czech languague.