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How to correctly choose a welding machine for an electric power unit or an electric power unit for a welding…

How to correctly choose a welding machine for an electric power unit or an electric power unit for a welding machine?

This is a complex choice, it is necessary to read the requirements of the welding machine manufacturer and to choose a power generator that matches the performance. As for the MEDVED, we offer the possibility to try out the welding machine and the power unit. Below is the corresponding table for our power generators. For selection, MMA welding is the most demanding for the power generators, so we offer a table of our ALAFA IN welders below. This is not a complete list, but only a selection of our welding machines and power generators. It is important to know whether the power unit will cover the power of the welding machine in full, or if a lower powerful unit is sufficient. We test and have practical experience with welding machines of other manufacturers and can advise you.

We present videos of the power plant on our Facebook and YouTube. Here is the link directly to the test with the welding machine Perun 220 E and ARCTOS 10000 V CCL.

CodeMMA invertersPower [kVA]Number of phasesIn fullWelding Current up to 100A (electrode up to 2.5mm)Welding Current up to 140A (electrode up to 3.2mm)
5.0317Perun 220 E1Arctos 20000ARCTOS 10000ARCTOS 11000
5.0309Perun 160E1
5.0272-1PAN 1617,71Arctos 8000Arctos 5000Arctos 8000
5.0270PEGAS 160 E Smart7,41Arctos 8000Arctos 5000Arctos 8000
5.0255-1PEGAS 202 E PFC7,71Arctos 9000Arctos 5000Arctos 8000
5.0254-1PEGAS 162 E PFC5,21Arctos 8000Arctos 5000Arctos 8000
 TIG DC inverters     
5.0112-1PEGAS 160 T HF7,61ARCTOS 9000 B  
5.0130-1PEGAS 200 T HF8,21ARCTOS 9000 B  
5.0161-1PEGAS 160 T PULSE HF7,41ARCTOS 9000 B  
5.0176Alfin 161 W Welding inverter6,41Arctos 9000Arctos 5000Arctos 8000
5.0177Alfin 171 W MAX Welding inverter6,31Arctos 9000Arctos 5000Arctos 8000
5.0503Alfin 300 T Welding inverter.13,33Grizzli 16000  
 TIG AC/DC inverters     
5.0275Alfin 300 AC/DC Welding inverter.14,63Grizzli 16000  
 Multifunctional inverters     
5.0224-1PEGAS 200 MIG SYN PFC6,41Arctos 9000Arctos 5000Arctos 8000
5.0243-1PEGAS 200 MIG MAN PFC-16,41Arctos 9000Arctos 5000Arctos 8000
 AXE 500 IN,
AXE 400 IN
  GRIZZLI 24000  
5.0159-2PEGAS 40 PLASMA PFC ovo 5,41ARCTOS 9000 Beven with a compressor up to 33A